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QA Expertise

With over 12+ years of testing, 3,000+ products tested, 60,000+ bugs found for our clients, we are experienced in ensuring the quality of your product.

Our Principal and Senior Consultants each have at least 10-20 years experience each in Compliance and Quality Assurance Testing for Online Systems and Mobile Applications.

Each of our test labs is managed by an experienced Test Team Manager, and our testing projects are governed by our ISO-17025 accredited quality system. This ensures high quality, repeatable, and exhaustive testing of your software.

Our Testers operate from three different test labs, in three different time zones, offering you the potential of almost 24-hour service. For each new project you have tested through iGlobal Labs, we strive to pair you with the same tester(s) who understand your business and your individual requirements, and can add a more personal, understanding touch to your experience with us.

We use manual testing processes, specialist, custom and simulation tools for our testing. We develop and customise our tools according to your specific requirements, ensuring that they are always in line with our ISO 17025 standard. Over the years, we have tested a wide variety of software applications, and each time, we have relied on our experience and technical expertise to develop extremely thorough and accurate testing processes to ensure that our customer’s products are comprehensively tested and ready for market.

Our service starts with a fixed price quote, which is based on information provided to us (for example, your website, specifications and/or user requirements).

We provide a realistic time frame for the testing to take place, based on your schedule and any deadlines you need to adhere to. We work with you to resolve issues, retest bug fixes, and complete all testing procedures in a timely manner. We ensure that adequate resources are allocated to your project, and that there is transparency and thorough communication from both ends, to ensure that all deadlines are met, and requirements filled to the highest standard. With test labs in multiple time zones, and Account Managers located in additional locations, we offer optimised customer interaction through a range of different online portals, and are eager to answer your queries and assist as quickly as possible.

Our reporting comes as regularly as you want it, and our communication doesn’t stop there. We are never far away whenever you want to chat or ask any questions.

In a nutshell, iGlobal Labs will help you to deliver high-quality software, on budget and on time.